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MUICIN - Anti Freckle Shrink Pores Serum 40ml

An exclusive anti freckle formula that contains amino acids whitening agent and salisylic acid to lighten stubborn brown and black spots and even out skin tone. It penetrates rapidly into skin and works though varous skin layers to fade away dark spot freckle and hyper pigmentation while nourshing, moisturizing and lightening skin. With regular use, see visible improvements in the clarity of your skin as skin becomes clearer, supple, smooth and radiance, the sun damage has led to aggressive hyperpigmentation and melisma, Freckles and brown spots are visible from a mile. You need to fight yhr uneven skin tone every day with make-up, And you are afraid of the sun, because it makes the skin discoloration worse, this skin discoloration worse, this whitening serum solve 6 types of stain problems – dark skin sun spots, age spots dark spots, shrink the pores and post-production stains.

    • Anti-aging properties, wrinkle reduction, moisturizing, and brightening the skin.
    • Natural and safe herbal ingredients reduce wrinkles.
    • MUICIN anti freckle serum is absorbed by the body. It soothes the skin, helps the skin to restore whiteness, prevents skin sagging, and leaves skin white and supple.
    • Effectively improves mates, fine lines, pores, and other skin problems. Reduces skin  surface susceptibility to damage and improves skin self-healing.
    • For some reason, dark spots and freckles may appear. We know that exposure to sunlight generally causes that. Spots may be formed on our bodies due to irregularities in melanin pigments as a result of hormonal and external effects.
    • Actives contained in the serum repress skin’s melanin production and help to prevent color changes.
    • Whitenings Speckle Elmingating Serum 
    • Desalination Melasma 
    • Skin Brightening Formula 
    • Dimmnish Dark Sport & Uneven Skintone 
    • Skin Lightner and freckle treatment 
    • Shrink Pores

    Benefits:It can be absorbed by skin to provide nutrition and moisture, counteract abnormal melanin cells, effectively break down stubborn pigmentation and spots, prevent dirt and bacteria in the air. 

    Direction:After cleansing with muicin face wash or foam cleanser, and pat dry. Apply a thin layer on spot area and face. Apply twice a daily initially, then three time daily. If irritation or excess dryness occurs, reduce application to once a day

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    Muhammad Zeeshan
    Anti Freckle Shrink Pores Serum

    I bought this for my mother and she is very happy after using this product. Totally recomended!!!