SL Basics by Shaista Lodhi

SL Basics Ginger Hair Oil, 100ml

- Helps in hair growth
- Prevents Dandruff
- Treats split end
- Reduces hair fall

Ever longed for luscious, dazzling, healthy and voluminous hair that leaves everyone awe-struck, but tired from experimenting with home-remedies and DIY? Don’t worry, SL basics brings for you nature’s finest Ginger hair oil that caters all hair problems. With ginger as an active ingredient, this anti-inflammatory oil relieves dandruff, promotes hair growth and stops hair fall.  

How to use:

Shake lightly before use, Massage into scalp and hair, Leave for minimum of 30 minutes, Wash with chemical free shampoo


Ginger, Fenugreek, Garlic, Vaierian, Emblic, Myrobalan, Soap nut, Onion, Black Seeds, Belleric Myrobalan

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