SL Basics by Shaista Lodhi

SL Basics Cleansing Milk Cleanser, 200ml

- Soothes irritated skin
- Gently exfoliates
- Removes impurities and makeup
- Keeps skin soft and supple

SL basics Cleansing milk is a soothing, mild, coconut cleanser free of all kinds of harsh chemicals and toxins that can damage skin health. With creamy and milky feels, it sweeps away dirt, every trace of makeup while leaving the skin fresh, soft, hydrated and thoroughly cleansed. Use every night and morning to remove dirt buildup so your skin takes a breath of fresh air. Gentle even on acne prone and sensitive skin.

How to use:

Apply Cleasing Milk over dry skin

Gently massage into your skin for 40-50 seconds

Wash your face properly


Coconut Cream, Aloe Vera, Horsetail Extract, Calendula Oil, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin A, C, E

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